These are my tried and tested grocery habits. It’s simple but it works! It doesn’t have to be forever, but even try my tips for a couple of months and I’m sure you’ll see a change. ⁣

💰 Meal plan based around the weekly specials not your tastebuds. Meal planning can be counterintuitive to budgeting because you shop what the recipe needs, regardless of price.

💰 Shop online and start in the weekly specials. Nearly everything in your house will come on special every few weeks. If it’s not on special, just go without until it is. ⁣

💰 When searching for any other grocery items make sure to sort via unit pricing, low to high. Just because things are on special doesn’t always mean it’s the best price in that category.⁣

💰 Do a freezer and pantry stocktake! Do you really need another 2 tins of tinned tomatoes? Use all your frozen meat before buying anymore. Add your frozen veggies to your dishes to bulk them out. ⁣

💰 Don’t buy prepackaged/prechopped/individual items. You pay for convenience. Buy larger packs and portion it out yourself. ⁣Including fruits, veggies, biscuits, chips etc

💰 Eat seasonally. It’s the most cost effective way to shop for produce. Stick to no more than $3.50/kg for fruit, $2/kg for potatoes/pumpkins and $5-$6/kg for greens (broccoli/zucchini)⁣

💰 Set your budget and stick to it. Watch the money add up and once you’ve gone over go back and evaluate what you can do without for another week. ⁣

💰 Try Homebrand. You’ll be surprised. Some items are made in the same factory as your favourite brand names. ⁣

💰 Freeze what you don’t use instead of throwing it out. Chop fruit before freezing for great additions to smoothies. Crack eggs into deep ice cube trays and freeze off individually. ⁣Freeze off leftovers on the night so you don’t throw it out 3 days later.

💰 Start the week by eating things that go off quicker. Eat salads in the first few days from your shops and then go with pasta towards the end. ⁣

💰 Only shop ONCE a week. I know. Shocking. Just make do without whatever it is you need. Keep UHT milk in the cupboard, freeze an extra loaf of bread. Be inventive with what you have!

I have also attached a handy shopping list print out so you can take the tips with you.

TIP! Pair this with the seasonal fruit guide to know what to buy and what to avoid.

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