Want to save an extra $10,000 in a year?

I know that seems like a laughable amount, but stick with me.

$10,000 a year is $833 a month which is $192 a week which is $27 a day.

I can hear you already, "but I don't spend $27 a day". My brain says the same thing but my bank account disagrees. My old boss would always say, people lie but numbers don't. There is so much truth in that sentence!

Some days I eat lunch out, some days I shout the kids a milkshake and muffin. I am a massive fan of white shirts so you can bet when I see one on special it is like I am programmed to buy it. Another $40. Need a kids birthday present? Whoops, there's another $30, plus $3 for the wrapping, $2 for the sticky tape and $4 for a card. It adds up so much quicker than you'd imagine. In fact, I bet you spend $100 without even thinking about it. I don't so much notice the small numbers and it is those that are the killers! Just buying one coffee a day is $38 a week.

Keeping yourself accountable is easy if you're willing to commit to it. I like to imagine it like a challenge, to see how much I can save in a month.

For just one month, record everything that you were going to spend money on. Forgo eating out, stop with the take away coffees and instead of buying that cute new skirt or another toy for the kids, take the money you were going to spend and put it in your bank account. If you have a savings account already set up, transfer the money straight away and use the description for what you almost bought. If not, set up a savings account thats linked to your everyday account. You want one with no fees and without a card linked to it. If you're a fan of cash over banks, you could use an envelope system or a jar that you can't undo. My husband fashioned a money bank with PVC pipe and plumbers glue. The only way we can get in to it is with an electric saw. I am almost certain he did that for my sake and not his own haha.

At the end of the month let me know how much silly spending you stopped yourself from doing! Just be careful though, watching your savings grow can become quite addictive.

Laura xx

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