A common cry heard throughout homes around the world "There is nothing to eat in this house". Well fear not my fine feathered friends, I have the essentials list to ensure no matter what, you will always have the ingredients for a feed. Remember, convenience costs money. Instead of buying banana bread with your coffee, make it yourself. Instead of buying a dip, make it yourself. I guarantee you'll save a fortune just by making small changes.

My pantry essentials might look a little different to yours but with some small adjustments I have no doubt you will have a correctly stocked house for future food emergencies. Most of these items listed WILL at some stage come on a half price sale. When on sale, buy double. An old tried and tested method. If its essential it means you will spend the money on it regardless of the price so it is always better to have one on hand.

I did omit coffee and tea from my list but given I moan the word coffee before I kiss my husband hello in the morning I dare say it is an essential in this house.

Let me know your thoughts.

Laura x

PS. To download, just right click and save to your desktop.




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Thank you for the list. I pretty much stock everything from this listm Wowzaaa how good I am😍Also coffee grounds..yes I have 2kg in stock..bought it when it was half price. Kicking the goals already!

priya sharma

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