This is my best throw together towards the end of the week to use up what we have leftover. I have made this with a stir fry mix with pieces of corn and cabbage and it's still gobbled up. The name stemmed from my mother in law telling me it's not quiche because there is no pastry. She said it's a frittata. I said its egg lasagna. We landed on almost quiche and it stuck.

There are no rules around what you can have in the quiche. I find the only veggie that really doesn't taste nice is carrot, but that might just be me! I prefer to serve it up with a plate of thinly sliced carrot and cucumber so the kids can pick what they want for their own side salad. We almost always have a loaf of garlic bread with it too.

As you're making it, don't pay much attention to detail. The fancy restaurants would call it rustic. I would call it time poor and need to get it done quick. The only thing to keep in mind is that if you slice your potato too thick it will come out a little crunchy.

I have said it serves 5 BUT it serves the 6 of us with no issues. I just counted the two little girls as 1. If you don't have a dozen eggs on hand you can always add milk, greek yoghurt or cream to spread the eggs further.

Hope your family enjoys it as much as we do.
Laura xx

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