Firstly, I will not be held responsible for any expanding waistlines, not even my own!

These are delicious and easy and I would eat them every night if I didn't feel judged by my children for doing so.

Like anything that I cook, the same rule always applies. Use what you have over going to buy more specific ingredients. If you do not have enough green apples, red will do. Green apples taste more bitter which is why they are great for baking as you get a nice balance. If you only have red I would suggest adding a little lemon to them once chopped for a bit of zest. Or if you are going shopping already, why not grab a bunch of rhubarb and add that to the stewed apples.

I also have to note that I love cinnamon so am a little heavy handed with my pouring. If cinnamon does not float your boat reduce it to 1 teaspoon instead. Could always add half a teaspoon of ground cloves too.

Let me know if you make them by tagging me on Facebook or Instagram.
Laura xx

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These look yum! Sorry to be dumb, but I can’t see the actual recipe? X


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