Easy Chicken Ramen Noodles

Easy and Quick Chicken Ramen

My friends will joke that I have been born in to the wrong country. I LOVE Asian cuisine. When I was researching how to make the perfect ramen i discovered that the noodle dish actually was created in China and introduced to Japan in the 1660s. My first reaction to that is WOAH how amazing to think of a culture that loved the same food that I love way back then! But that is just the history geek coming out in me.
THE PERFECT FAKEaway for Friday night. Serve it up with some BBQ pork buns, spring rolls and miso soup. We would happily spend $110 on Japanese takeaway for the night but this cost me less than $20. I just wish i had leftovers the next day!
Here we have it folks. My Australianised (i made that word up) version of Ramen. I have used chicken BBQ skewers, I've omitted the boiled egg and I have probably also mixed flavours BUT.....I tell you what, it tastes good!


As with anything I cook, do not feel obliged to cook with the exact same ingredients. Substitute my pak choy with any greens you have. No broth, no worries, replace with stock. Left over roast chicken? Yes please! Make it, adjust it to your taste buds. Promise it will be delicious.

Laura xx
PS - right click to save OR screen shot. Don't forget to tag me if you make it!
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