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Christmas Scented Candle Tins

Christmas Scented Candle Tins

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Gingerbread is my winner this year. I honestly want to eat it all day long! Sweet and sugary and DELICIOUS. Can I describe a non edible item as delicious? Yes. Yes I can.

Cinnamon Shortbread fills the whole house and makes you constantly sniff the air and say mmmmmm. It’s got Vanilla, clove and cinnamon notes and makes you wish you were munching down a piece of decadent shortbread.

Santas Scent was a new smell for me, a mix of mens cologne and wrapping paper. Kind of reminds me of when my dad would get ready for our day after breakfast. Cleanly shaved, bit of gel in his hair and aftershave on.

Christmas Morning is the perfect mix of sweets and bubbles. Think champagne and strawberries, but without the intense headache.

Candy Canes don’t need a description, but here’s one more you. Smells good enough to chew on, but please don’t as that could result in a really waxy mouth. It’s giving peppermint and sugar all mixed in one!

ALL are amazing! Hardest part is picking which one you want! IF ONLY I could offer you a sniff test prior to purchase.

170g of delicious scent with a burn time of approx 30 hours. 

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